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Re: Card denied by the card issuer

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This may not be of much help, but I think I am onto something with good 'ole PayPal.  They did this massive hike in fees and then a re-design of software in early 2017, up until that time, the old format worked swell for us desktop PC users...  Their old-school looking summary page (You know, the first page after you login) was complete and informative.  All your previously listed orders were marked "complete" and "shipped" and "tracking info" right there in front of you.  Also, if you had a new sale from a foreign buyer; the foreign buyer's info (addresses, names) was translated into English for me to easily go to my next step which was fulfilling their order - in a timely manner!  Gasp! what a novel idea!   It was wonderful!  A useful, functional service that allowed me to be an excellent provider to my customers.  Then a funny thing happened:  They "Updated" and "Improved" their website.  

What they really did was change PayPal's functionality to cater completely to smart-phone users.  They destroyed the desktop functionality of the old website for us people that actually have a legitimate business where the desktop PC is next to the packing & shipping area.  I now have three outstanding  and ongoing usage & usefulness issues with the "new & improved" PayPal website I am struggling to use (at a greater cost due to higher fees).  1.  PayPal won't translate a foreign buyer's shipping info for me anymore. What a rip-off!  2. PayPal's opening page on the website is INCOMPLETE and lacking in essential information to the seller (and it is inexcusable that their software designers haven't compared each detail of the old-to-new pages to check for inconsistency's).  3.  Most infuriatingly, PayPal has "LOST" or dismantled the capability to send Instant Payment Notifications to my email account Now, PayPal keeps sending me notifications - hundreds and hundreds of them!  Informaing me that I no longer have instant payment notification capability's (and that somehow it is my fault here at the users end)  It is your fault, PayPal, for hiring a bargain basement software design team. In conclusion, PayPal's new software designers created a heap-o-pile of a new website, and their customer service or anything resembling trouble shooting is abysmal  and nerve-racking at its best, so no help there.  Probably the best thing to do is what I'm going to do.  Get a real merchant payment processor.  

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