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I'm  very unhappy with pay pal. I bought a purse from them over a month ago. I return the purse sent them all the proof the purse was return. And they still will not refund my money. So just a warning make sure you know what u want before buying items. Over a month to investigate something this is ridiculous if I don't receive my refund I will take further actions. Just make sure women the purses are real and not fake. Especially buying use over seas items.

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Re: Purse



You don't buy purses from paypal, you buy purses from sellers.


If your item was fake then if you had supplied written proof from trading standards or a shop that sold the real thing then you would not have had to return the item.


Also if you supplied paypal with a tracking number to prove return of the item then why did you not get a refund.


Did you open a dispute?

Did you escalate to a claim?

Did paypal find in your favour?

Did paypal tell you to return the item?

Did you provide trackable proof of delivery of the item to the seller?


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Re: Purse

I've given them everything they ask for and there're still holding my refund. Thanks for the reply.