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Posting here? Please read this first!

PayPal Employee

Posting here? Please read this first!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the My Feedback for PayPal board!


Commonly referred to as the Feedback board, this is a place for members to share feedback about PayPal services, policies, and products.  


What should I post here?


Do you love the PayPal mobile app?  Did a customer service representative make your day?  What do you think of a particular product or service?  This is the place to provide those comments and let your voice be heard.


Should I post questions here?


If you're here to ask a question, your post will receive more attention in the Ask the Community section, which is designed for questions and answers.  This particular board is not designed to provide assistance.  You might also consider checking out our Tips from Members or Tips from Moderators section.


What do I need to know before posting?


All posts must comply with the Community Rules and Guidelines and the PayPal Community User Agreement.  Courteous and respectful posting is expected of all participants.  Please remember that all community members are here voluntarily.  If another member has taken the time to provide a comment, they are doing so on their own time and are looking to you as a fellow community member to respond appropriately. 


Posts that do not meet the courteous and respectful criteria may be removed.  We actively review the forum, but we also appreciate your assistance in reporting any issues that may occur.  Here’s how to report inappropriate content:


             Click the topic and select "More options."
             Click "Flag for a Moderator."
             Complete the form and click "Notify Moderator."


What's with those posts started by moderators?


In order to centralize your Feedback about a particular product or service, we may create a thread from time to time just for that one item.  We'll then move associated posts into that thread and leave it open for members to post comments.  This is important, as it amplifies your voice while helping the Community to remain productive. 


And we want to hear that voice!  We want to see your feedback, and we want you to have that opportunity to express yourself (as long as it is within the forum guidelines, of course; repetitive posts and "bumps" will be removed).  That's what a Community really, truly is, after all.  This is your place, and your time.  Make the most of it.



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