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PayPal charged my bank account instead of PayPal credit, won't stop, $180 in overdraft fees!

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PayPal charged my bank account instead of PayPal credit, won't stop, $180 in overdraft fees!

I made two purchases using PayPal credit by logging directly into PayPal and selecting "PayPal Credit." The transactions want through. A week later, I start getting hit with overdraft charge after overdraft charge, after PayPal (WITHOUT MY PERMISSION) started charging my accounts on file- checking account & debit card... both linked to same checking account. I have disputed the transactions, I have called PayPal and talked to numerous people, I have gone to my bank with a letter sent to me by the PayPal dispute dept requesting overdraft fees be removed- NOTHING WORKS. I can not remove my bank account or debit card from my PayPal account "sorry, error occured, try again later, etc." The dispute dept said I would not be charged again. I was charged the next day, then again today. PayPal keeps sending me to the debt collection dept! What in the **bleep** else can I do to stop this?!? I DID NOT AUTHORIZE PAYPAL to charge my checking account or debit cards. My most recent deposit just disappeared into nothing to pay for the these GD bank overdraft charges. This is unacceptable. Everyone points a finger at someone else--> PayPal credit to PayPal, PayPal to dispute dept, dispute dept to bank, bank to PayPal credit, on and on. I would cancel my PayPal and checking accounts- IF I COULD. BUT I CAN'T. What in the F*** am I supposed to do?!?!?!?
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Re: PayPal charged my bank account instead of PayPal credit, won't stop, $180 in overdraft fees!

I don't have an answer or solution, but I am curious about details.

As I understand, at time of purchase you had an option to use PayPal Credit and other payment methods and you specificall selected PayPal Credit for the payment.   What were the details of that specific transaction as diplayed in your PayPal activity list?  Were the details correct?

Did a transaction show up in your PayPal Credit account?

If the transaction showed up in PPC and later changed my first action would have been to phone PayPal AND PayPal Credit to ask why.


I've heard of others with similar issues, but no one has provided specific details about the transaction. 

I've always recommended that one keeps sufficient funds in a checking account to cover unexpected payments.



Re: PayPal charged my bank account instead of PayPal credit, won't stop, $180 in overdraft fees!

My paypal charge to my bank was just WRONG.  I made a purchase with my bank card.  Immediately cancelled it.  Within 30 min the seller and ebay cancelled it, maybe even sooner.  Meanwhile Paypal while putting out a need of the $199 to my bank, very easily accepted the refund from the seller, easily visible in my transaction history - same day and everything.  OK so I'm wrong to assume??? Since my account clearly shows that Paypal processed the refund (accepted it and posted it) and after 3 days nothing shows up on my personal bank account, I'm in the clear right?  Well the next day, day four on the 28th they try to extract that $199 from my bank!!!  Um, they're the ones who clearly accepted the refund and processed it on my account activity, they are the ones who gave me PEACE of mind, this was a clear case of being over and yet - I'm charged $30 by my bank because Paypal is trying to take $199 out of my account.  I can't afford to lose $30 dollars, I'm on a very tight budget.  I check my accounts.  Yep, Paypal clearly shows where they have accepted the refund and that transaction has been processed?  So I didn't question it I figured it was done.  Well, my bad, on Dec 5th, Paypal again tried to extract the same $199 out my account that was not there, hence  I cancelled the transaction and used my credit card instead, and I'm BAM hit with yet another $30 fee.  Yes at this point I contact PAYPAL and the representative tells me that paypal has to go thru with any transaction that takes place and that she is very sorry and that she will send me a little letter that I can take to my bank and hopefully they will refund my money, whoopee freakin doo.  The bank laughed at my little letter and said so sorry, we can't help it you gave Paypay or I should say trusted paypal with my personal checking account, that they were large enough to DISCERN from THEIR own report on the SAME day that the transaction NEVER EVER took place!!!!!!  So my bank made $60 off me, thanks to my use of Paypal, wow don't I feel safe and secure and now shammed by PAYPAL.   

To the volunteer from May hopefully responding to this rant:  Yes I was kindly told by Paypal's customer service person that they would not replace or credit me the money I lost.  Paypal's position on my problem was "oh yes, I see where the transaction was started and stopped on the same day, sorry, we have to follow thru with any transaction, and then we'll give it right back". I know they would have kept it for a day or two for processing and then where would I be, yes I would have had the money back but I didn't have the money in the first place, hence why I immediately cancelled it and used my credit card.  So can  you imagine when I get paid, they would continue to try to take that money out and then it would be gone and I'd be scratching my head, because I don't understand this process!!!  Meanwhile before I get paid they've continued each week to try to take it out, not taking time to verify their own account that, DUH the transaction NEVER happened.  I didn't see the need to call, my bad, my error in judgement, in lieu that the transaction details were clearly written in plain detail on my account registry.  On the Dec 6, I made the frantic call to find out why my bank was charging me the $30 overdraft fees, twice on the Nov 28 and Dec 6, and they said it was paypal trying to run a $199 dollar transaction thru, imagine my unbelief, when all the obvious account of my transaction history shows the transaction history and spent, refunded and complete?  There is no alluding to anywhere in my transaction history that I need to add money quick to my bank so Paypal can complete their transaction, none, nada, nothing indicative of that, so PLEASE, you or paypal tell me how I was supposed to know that???  HOW, HOW, HOW was I supposed to know?


The beauty of the paypal experience is their efficiency and no worries, they have the suffiency to take care of the customer needs easily and no worries, that's what since 2003, I have come to expect from my relationship with Paypal.  


Paypal wasn't even trying to make money off of me, they were going thru with some idiotic transaction that never took place within the blink of an eye and despite their very clear and accurate account of that transaction, the result is my personal bank makes money off ME thanks to Paypal.  I don't deserve this.  This is not fair and while life is not fair, my impression of Paypal has most definitely changed.  I think they should pay me back, it is their fault, but the customer service person would NOT even let me speak to say, she kept running over the top of me and speaking louder than me - she was very complacent and demeaning with my problem.  Aren't I glad I picked up the phone to call Paypal.


Can you get paypal to consider crediting my $60 back?