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Oh my fricken lord.


Oh my fricken lord.

I really really really hate you paypal. Your attitude twords customers is terrible, and comes off pretty hostile as you are very unwilling to to anything that's not policy. Policy can't predict every incident and sometiems human effort and input is needed to be envolved to get things done properly, when i talk to your customer service that's not what is remotely provided. Everyone uses the same old lame song and dance that they can't do anything to speed it up. You know damn well you can, but you don't want to. If ever again you tell me could be an hour could be 21 days, just say the real truth, that it wil be the 21 days, you hold funds for as long as possible, even when the customer is pretty much in a state of emergency. No help the lot of you are.


I called your customer service line to assure my account was verivied in every possible way requested so that funds would transfer as fast and smooth as possible, I was and still am in dire need of my funds. I was assured it was all verified and looked great. I asked if there was a certain time of day funds are released and listed as completed or if they do them as they come, I was told you do them as they come. So i asked what would be the latest time funds were realeased in a day. I was assured my funds would be cleared and in my balance by midnight.


Fast forward to 5am, nothing has cleared as i was told it would be, balance reamined zero. I spent the next 2 hours on the phone going through multiple people to get you to honor the statement i was given, even though horribly late you should do what you said even if the person that said it was wrong, i shouldn't be penalized. I was placed on hold and then one pending transfer cleared but the agent said they didn't do anything and couldnt help with my other pending transaction, so i request a superviser who said the same line that they can't do anything, I told her that paypal quite often pays the bill up front for accounts in good standing to hurry the purchase process along, and they collect from the bank later as they are confident the funds are there like they usually are, so she in fact could do something if she wanted to as it is within paypals own policies to do so. i was put on hold and the second one cleared. There is no way that just magically happened by accident without any interaction. but she claimed to have not done anything.

So money in paypal account now, and i was told my account is all good and verified in the earlier phone call. So i go to instant transfer out to my bank,  as it says estimated 30 min transfer and i pay 25 cents, click ok and pow 24 hour hold. Why 24 hour hold? Obviously i'm trying to get the funds as fast as i can, a hold does nothing to benefit that. And why do you distrust a transaction directly from a bank that it warrants any kind of hold at all? The bank gonna not pay you? And why is there a fee if it's not gonna be done in around 30 minutes? WTF am i paying a fee to speed things along and then you go and slow it down as slow as you can. I was told my account was all verified and good. all kinds of excuesses come forth and the superviser i was able to get this time absoluteley refused to help me other than refund my 25 cents. He also refused to pass me on up the chain to his supervisor, as i requested so many times i stopped requesting and started demanding, and at that point he refused to do any further discussion. I hung up. That is not customer service, you let me exhaust my options, you honor my request to speak to someone higher of authority, why wouldn't you? Especially if you are so sure that they wouldn't help me any further either. You are not supposed to be a jerk about it. Besides transferring me would get you out of your obviously painful phone call would it not? He also said it could clear in an hour or take the full 24 hours, and you know damn well when those words started to be formed so they can be spoken that there was no possibility of it happening before the 24 hours without interventition on your behalf which was totally refused to me.


So to end it all up I needed these funds at the time of day when i tried to transfer them to my bank, By needed i mean desperately needed. i have had a series of bad events happen this past year one being i lost my job and went broke trying to get another, that led to my eviction as it's hard to pay rent if you are broke. A friend was trying to send me money to help me out, and I needed to move that day or loose my stuff or go to jail. Thanks to the jerkface that represented paypal, i lost my stuff as the sheriff forcefully removed me and said if i come back i will go to jail. Could have been avoided if paypal attempted to work with me a litle bit. So now i have no stuff, and no home and no money to even get a motel room. and still no transfer of funds by paypal. But i did get my 25 cents back which the minimum to transfer out is a dollar, and i'm not putting another penny into this **bleep** show. This being my first experience with your service, so horrible that its also my last. As soon as i get my funds out to my bank i'm shutting this **bleep** down.

I was able to get a hold of my friend later on and he did get some funds to me but nothing else changed still can't get my stuff but i got a room thank god. So we used zellepay to transfer this time, and not only did it go smooth as butter it was into my account in less than 5 minutes, I know , i can hear the whining about being different types of financial companies from here already, but we just wanted to do a simple fast TIMELEY transfer, not an echeck, not a purchase, and nothing that should have taken 3 business days no need for a hold buffer, there was no purchase. But even a simple transfer takes forever when you know damn well you can make it faster, you just want to have the time to sneak the extra interest off the money. 

If you can't do a transfer without treating it like a sale just don't do them, cause the way you do do them is exactly like dodo. it's very misleading to use almost any of your services without doing a bunch of reasearch on any of them to fully understand what you intend to do through out the transaction to my finances. If you claim it's an instant transfer that is estimated cleared in 30min, but could actually take 24 hours, just say estimated 24 hours, cause we both know you will delay it the 24 hours everytime if you can, and you possibly also delay things even when you shouldn't be. You give out so many false excuses and half truths that it just all starts making the whole business and it's practices looking very shady.

Also please clearly state that it will be held under specific conditions so we might avoid the whole thing if we know those conditions are not met like if your account hasn't ever made any previous paypal to bank transfer. This will help everyone involved by elminating my anger cause i'm not being lied to and stupid small unknowns aren't popping up all throught to further complicate an otherwise simple affair. Don't tell us about the certain conditions only after we finish the transfer request that has fees involved that are intended to speed up the process that you are going put no effort to any such thing. It will benefit your over all business goals and help maintain or even enlarge your customer base, plus you get to avoid looking like a **bleep** all the time for lying or not fully disclosing things till it's far too late for the customer to pick a different option or cancel it outright.


Good bye paypal, we are not friends. If you see me in public, cross the street.