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wrongful permanant limitation

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wrongful permanant limitation

I want an appeal. The information that u have provided me to why u have decided to close my account is not accurate. This is not a business account. Second unusually activity on my card connected to my account makes no sense and is also inaccurate. Unless ordering pizza on my American Express Card is what u consider suspicious or unusual activity. Ive been discriminated and haven't been given the opportunity to even use paypal. Ive spoke with paypal 10 minutes before I was emailed my account has been limited until u here from me, makes no sense when 10 min prior I was disguising and going over the account with one of your representatives. Ive complied with all you've asked. There is absolutely no reasoning to why ive been so badly slandered. Im requesting that my account be reinstated. And requesting for the proper names and numbers highest in rank at paypal. Also I'm considering asking my attorney to file a claim against paypal. Unless paypal can take the incitive and resolve this issue in a professional more accurate timely manner!
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Re: wrongful permanant limitation



Contact customer services nothing to do with us.

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