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Transfer from bank account gone?


Transfer from bank account gone?

I have a paypal student account and up until a few days ago I had been able to transfew money directly from my savings account to my paypal wallet. However on Sunday, the 18th of October, the "Transfer" button has disapeered and was replaced with a "Send Money" button.


Is there any reason this button has just up and been replaced? 


Re: Transfer from bank account gone?

Hi Rebel8909,


That's very odd.  I haven't heard anything that we would be removing this option for student accounts.  My first instinct is that the permission to allow transfers from the bank has been disabled on the parent account.  Maybe check with them to rule out that possibility?  I'm guessing nothing else changed on the student except this button?


You might also see if this link works after you log into your account:


I hope this helps! Smiley Happy


- Frank

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