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Shame on PayPay for Cheating a 17 year old website bug finder


Shame on PayPay for Cheating a 17 year old website bug finder

Its all over the news.  Robert Kugler a 17 year old found an XSS bug in the PayPal website but is DENIED a REWARD.

WHY???????? Because he isn't 18 for a few more months.  


SHAME ON PAY PAL -- The chatter on the net is NO ONE will ever help PAYPAL for their acts of greed and selfishness. 

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Re: Shame on PayPay for Cheating a 17 year old website bug finder

Indeed, maybe now the next time the kid will realize he could make a lot more money selling the exploit to an underground hacking group for $5,000 minimum. You really showed him what a bunch of jerks run PayPal. You're trying to improve your image in the tech community with this program then you go and shoot yourselves in the foot. Idiots.


The kid didn't even care about the reward money, what he really wanted was a letter from Paypal, confirming that he had found the bug, for his resume. Even that was too much for PayPal though. Nevermind that the under 18 exculsion is not even in PayPal's Terms of Service.


Combined with all the other people who have been screwed by PayPal, people who rely on the income from their business that flows through PayPal, who have had their accounts frozen for various and sundry reasons, this is enough for me to reconsider a website / business launch that was going to rely on PayPal for it's income stream. Not anymore.


Want to know what the tech / IT / geek community still thinks about PayPal? Have a look at the comments and the moderation of the comments here:


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You guys really have lost the plot.

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