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Seller protection is a myth - done with Paypal


Seller protection is a myth - done with Paypal

Glad I don't have a balance. 


Buyer disputed charges from paypal with his credit card company.  I sold something as-is on ebay in October.  This guy wanted his money back because he wasn't happy with the used item he bought.  Said he "just opened the package" 3 months later (in January).  He couldn't dispute with eBay or PayPal because it was so old, so he disputed the charge on his card.


PayPal supposedly answered the dispute for me.  I had pictures of the items condition, proof of delivery, and a copy of the eBay listing (even though it was purged).  The item was never returned to me, yet his (Canadian) credit card company still sided with him (so surprised).


So i'm done with paypal and I am NOT paying the balance... they can eat it.  I've already notified MY card company that I will be disputing any charges by PayPal to MY card.


If they turn it over to a collection agency, i will file suit in small claims court.


Re: Seller protection is a myth - done with Paypal

So the transaction in question was definitely covered by seller protection..??  Was it "Eligible" or "Partially-Eligble"?  I'm curious to know for my own sake.


Unfortunately, the credit card companies do indeed tend to side with the buyers more often than not.  That is out of PayPal's control.  PayPal Seller Protection should cover you on that, though, if the credit card company isn't at least willing to make the buyer provide proof of delivery on returning the merchandise in question.  That is generally what happens, though, is that the card company would tell the person to return the item, and only then would be awarded the refund for good.


On that note, what usually happens is the card company will provide an immediate credit to the buyer's account, but this is considered temporary while the investigation into the chargeback takes place.  This is when funds become held in your PayPal account, etc.  


During that time, though, is when you would have been providing all of your documentation through the Resolution Center, right?  So even after providing all of that, what was PayPal's final word to you, officially?  

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Re: Seller protection is a myth -

Paypal's obviously siding with all Buyers these days, so it doesn't matter if Ebay allows you to put "No Refunds or Exchanges"

Paypal will always side with the Buyer. I just had a person purchase a pair of high heels in December, and 3 months later decide she want's her money back, she lies about the condition, and Paypal freezes the amount in my account and  sides with her. I provided all documentation, 8 pictures of condition, to prove she got what she paid for.  But because she has buyer's remorse she gets her money back, I am not a store, just someone who sells my own items occasionally. I have over 1700 feedback and 100% . Fair??? not hardly, rethinking this whole Ebay/Paypal thing probably getting out. If no Seller protections can't afford to lose items and money too.

Thanks Paypal...