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Paypal sucks!!!


Paypal sucks!!!

I made a sell from eBay and the person made the payment, and at February the 6th that person applied for a charge-back and said that the payment was made without approval.
He open a case, and I send the data and the print-screen what the person bought, and since it was service he wasn't even covered for a charge-back, because it says so in the TOS.
But Paypal didn't consider that and made the charge-back. So the person took the service for free and I even have to pay Paypal for that 30$. And the fee for the eBay 30$ more.
Can anybody help me?!!!
D. Luka

Re: Paypal sucks!!!

That is an unfortunate situation, of course.  Let's see if we can learn from it, though.  I'm curious.


What was the service that you provided?  Did you have any sort of contract in place with the buyer?  Was the payment covered by PayPal Seller Protection?  It would show you this in the transaction details of the payment you received.  


Unfortunately, charge-backs are tough because buyer's can do this directly with their credit card issuing bank, and PayPal can't do anything about it.  It's the card bank that decides whether or not to give the funds back to the card holder, and of course they want to keep their card holder's happy, so you can see where that might lead to conflict with PayPal's own TOS.


What would generally happen, though, is the credit card company would give the buyer an instant "temporary credit" while they investigate the issue.  The funds in the seller PayPal account would be placed on hold during this time.  Is that what you experienced?


Were you able to provide documentation through the PayPal Resolution Center?  When the charge-back occured that should have opened a dispute record in there, and within that you could provide your own notes and documentation proving that the buyer had agreed to the service and that you had delivered said service.  

Angell EYE -
PayPal Partner and Certified Developer - Kudos are Greatly Appreciated!