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Paypal asking to add ANOTHER credit card at checkout?

New Community Member

Paypal asking to add ANOTHER credit card at checkout?

I used to JUST use paypal for online stuff. The money i sent and recieved....was just too & from my PAYPAL ACCOUNT BALANCE. I never messed with any transfering to and from my bank account/card, etc.


I already have a credit card on file, same one it always has been (mastercard), just because paypal needed to verification of some sort.


---> NOW everytime i try paying for items off of ebay or the or ANY other online will bring me to the paypal login page to pay & once logged in, it asks to Link a new debit or credit card for instant payment (THOUGH it states & shows that there is already 1 active card on file already! why is it asking for another??)

When i type in the information of my card already on states that card is already in use on my account.

WHY am i all of a sudden needing to add ANOTHER card? When to be honest....i only have my ONE credit card in the first now what? If i dont have another card to link to my account?!


I have seen posts from people that have their bank account and 1-3 different cards linked to their paypal & it is STILL asking the same thing!! Is it some sort of glitch?? (as ive seen in some threads & website forums)


WHATS THE DEAL PAYPAL!??....your supposed to be the "safer & easiest way to pay online".... seems lately there has been this same issue with tons of other users and has yet to be resolved in the last few months ive seen it...before it actually happened to me.

People are losing business & others are getting extremely frustrated with being unable to pay for items they commited to buying! ....if the problem is some rather not have my money & personal information in jeopardy! Im on the verge of closing my paypal..along with many others ive seen! As it seems that emails are just some automated response... and when you call, after the 1/2 hour get the runaround or they "dont know" what the issue is, or its most likley an issue with the "seller"....seeing as though after years of paypal use, with the same card, we have NEVER had this issue.