PayPal really ready for business?


Paypal isn't really ready for business use. At least not for businesses with multiple income streams. 


My company manages online storefronts for ourselves and our customers. Over the years we have found many, many businesses need and desire more than one storefront. Often this is the best way to sell multiple product lines. 


Paypal works fine for one website, but once you want to add another you start having problems. There is no easy way for a customer to integrate multiple websites into their single paypal business account. Third party carts have to be revised, and paypal support has to be used... often the person on the other end of the phone doesn't know what you are talking about. Add to that customers who really don't understand the situation and you end up with a mess. 


There are plenty of places around that tell you it can be done, but no detailed instructions nor easy online method for simply adding another website to your business account. Customers aren't developers and need something simple. 


As a result, any of our customers who need multiple storefronts streaming payments to their single business bank account are advised to look elsewhere for payment services.


Paypal, please correct me if I'm wrong - with details for a change. 


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