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How to talk to a REAL Paypal Customer Service agent

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Hey guys,


  I recently found out how to Bypass PayPals Annoying automated customer service call. If you call their customer server number, Login, Click "Contact Us", Click "Call Us", usually it will walk you through and give you an automated response pulled from a database. If you want to bypass this when it asks you to describe what your problem is, Simply say 'Agent'. Then it will connect you to a REAL person. They are much more helpful then the automated service. It took me hours to find out how to do this so i decided to share it. Hope i helped someone out.



-Vinny P.


How to talk to a REAL Paypal Customer Service agent

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Much more helpful? I think at best you get the impression that they are listening to your grievance. Unfortunately though, it's all an illusion. They rarely actually understand the issue and even when they do, they are helpless.

How to talk to a REAL Paypal Customer Service agent


depends on the issue and who you're speaking to. i alraedy knew about the "agent" thing for years; its not just PayPal though. most companies you call if you say "agent", press "0" or say "operator" it will forward you directly to an agent or switchboard and you can avoid the useless and annoying rigamarole you have to go through with automated systems. i wish EVERY company would just get rid of them because they're a waste of time. they could've helped the person and have them out of the way instead of having them swim around in the automated circles for 30 minutes only THEN they end up speaking to an agent anyway who fixes the problem in 3 minutes. i never speak to automated systems anywehre I call I just say "agent" or press "0"; i don't have time to play their games.  having one tier of buttons like press 1 for PayPal debit cards, 2 for Accoun balance, 3 for lost/stolen cards, 4 for transactions, etc is all i can tolerate, if I haveto press 1, then 4, then 3, then 9, then 5 it just **bleep** me off before i even get to an agent.


but anyways everytime i've called PayPal customer service they've been very nice and able to help or explain whats going on and what i should do. not all the time i like the answer i'm given BUT at least i know whats going on and not left in the dark.  i'm in no means saying PayPal has A+ customer service, i'm jus saying i've never experienced a problem and they're pretty good compared to other places i've called who have HIDEOUS customer service and automated systems.

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