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zero balance on paypal acc


zero balance on paypal acc

I have just gone to check my paypal balance ( should be approx. 2k) and to start with it wouldn't accept the password.

I changed the password and then accessed it but it shows no transactions whatsoever and a zero balance ( I have had some sales just this week )



Re: zero balance on paypal acc

Hi @Mark43,


I'm sorry to hear that your account is not showing transactions or activity. Please reach out to customer service and explain the situation. They can help determine if there was a technical issue or if there was unauthorized activity wherein someone closed your account and opened a new one. Click Contact at the bottom of the PayPal website for contact options.


If it turns out that there was unauthorized activity, you will want to very quickly change the password on your email account, and run a virus scan on your computer, in case a fraudster has access to either. It wouldn't hurt to start with those actions to be on the safe side.


I hope this was just a brief glitch and that everything's returned to normal, but failing that, I hope this can be resolved quickly!




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