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trying to restore my old account.

New Community Member

trying to restore my old account.

Dear Community, 


I am trying to restore my old account which I probably created back in 2006. I have the same e-mail address which I was using at that time, but my phone number has changed since. 


When I try "forgot password" it send me a Verification code to my email address that I can access, no problem. After I enter the Verification code, it takes me to the screen where it gives me 2 options: text on the phone number OR Answer security questions. Since I do not have the old phone number anymore, I chose "answer security questions"


I have answered the 2 security questions, but it is not accepting those answers and after that I am stuck. 


I am confused because I have the access to the email address and I am even able to enter the Verification code, but it is still not letting me through and create a new password. 


Can anyone help?


Best Regards