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paypal "recognized" device and did not require login??


paypal "recognized" device and did not require login??

since paypal support is useless, thought I would ask here


this has happened both on my phone and desktop.  This is a terrible **bleep**in idea.  How do i completely disable this and make sure it never happens again.  One-Touc is not activated on my account.

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Re: paypal "recognized" device and did not require login??



How do I turn off the One Touch feature?

To turn this feature off, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Settings icon next to "Log out."
  2. Click Security.
  3. Click Edit next to "One Touch® for auto login at checkout."
  4. Click Log out per device or Turn off One Touch on all devices.

Other alternative methods to turn off One Touch are:

  • Calling PayPal customer service.
  • Clearing cookies.
  • Changing your password automatically revokes consent.
  • PayPal can force ‘Show Login’ for suspicious activity/account or if a transaction bears higher risk.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂

Re: paypal "recognized" device and did not require login??

Hi, I appreciate your response but a) I never enabled one-touch and b) when I go to the settings (a little hard to find because I have a business account, but I assume it is under "Profile Settings - Stay logged in for faster purchases"), I click Edit on that setting, I get a pop up that says:

"Stay logged in for faster purchases

With One Touch, you’ll speed through checkout without having to log in every time.

One Touch is turned off for all devices."


I X out of that without enabling, so I assume one touch is "turned off for all devices" - it just bounces me back to the previous profile settings page.


So, one-touch was not activated, but they still did a one touch kind of thing on multiple devices. Does enabling two factor disable this behavior?  though that may be too annoying...


Paypal mgmt, support, development, all totally inept.  Still have other issues (such as tracking numbers not clickable, in the track your shipment section ,etc.) 


I guess I should just expect PP to suck.


Re: paypal "recognized" device and did not require login??

I see you gave some kind of opt out page there, I will try it.  and keep it bookmarked for the inevitable time that they automagically re-enable it for me...