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my paypal account is connected to an unknown bank account and more.

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my paypal account is connected to an unknown bank account and more.

Hello I have set up a paypal account last with my new UK address. I did this because the previous one, attached to my old German bank account, phone number, etc. (I don't have them any more) couldn't be connected to a UK address. When trying to connect the account to my existing email address, this was not possible. The paypal forum explained that I need a new email address if I want to set up a new account ina new country. So I created a completely new email address just for the purpose of setting up a working paypal account in the UK. I then added my new UK phone number, address, and debit card. I did this in order to pay a for a purchase that I made in India.


Now I have logged in for the first time and I notice the following:

- My account is connected to my old email adresses that I thought can't be connected. I also didn't put them in myself when I set up my new paypal account. One of them was hacked recently and I omitted it deliberately for this reason. I don't want it to be connected to my account.

- My account is connected to a UK bank account with a sort code and an account number that I don't know and that I have never had. This is very worrying.

- After removing this unknown account as my bank account, I still shows up as billing preference.

- I can't pay my bill because when I click on"pay" the page reloads and then is empty.


It seems that paypal somehow automatically connected my new account to old data they had about me from my prevous account when I set up my new account last week. Only, some of these data (that I never put in myself) don't actually belong to me. There is no diect contact to paypal where I can call or speak to a person. I find this very worrying. How can I sort this account out? I'm worried that If I now close this account and set up yet a new one I will only make the confusion bigger.

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Re: my paypal account is connected to an unknown bank account and more.

You should phone PayPal Support.


Here is a PayPal link with their phone number. Select call and you can either log in or call as a guest.