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money was sent to an account I did not create

New Community Member

money was sent to an account I did not create

Last night several emails came in to an old gmail inbox for a gmail that I didn't even realise I still had. The first email asks that I Please confirm [my] email address. The next email was for a $56 money request. And then there's an email that a person sent the requested money. Then there's email that says Welcome to Xoom, and the most recent email says You've added a new email address to your PayPal account. 


It appears someone used my old gmail account to open a paypal account. My old gmail account was used for a Girl Scout troop that disbanded years ago however Girl Scouts does recycle their troop numbers so someone else may have that number now. And it appears the person who created the account MAY be using it to collect funds for a fundraising campaign.


I am concerned about fraud or ID theft.