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have issue logging in to one of my account


have issue logging in to one of my account

I recently got hacked


and my account was put on security


So they make me answer questions

No issue there


Ask for my credit card- Got that

Ask to send a code to my email got that

They ask to send a code to my that


Only issue is they ask for two security questions..which I don't have nor do I remember making


Would love to check my account to see what damage the hacker did, and pay off my paypal credit. But cany


Try resetting the password...I able to do that but still got to answer those two security questions


I try talking to Paypal through messenger. They say I have to call them on phine


There phone most of there time no one available and say it faster through messenger...who tell me to call the phone


Any way around this

I am losing money by the day