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assign a nickname for bank accounts and credit cards?

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Give Unique Name to Bank Accounts and Cards

I have several connected accounts with the same bank, and I'd like to name one "Personal" and one "Corporate" etc.


Can I change the name of accounts? I do not see this option in settings.




Re: assign a nickname for bank accounts and credit cards?

So, @PayPal_AshleyM, tell me. How many people have asked for this very simple feature by now? I am just wondering? Yes, I am still tracking it. Since 2014. It will be 2020 soon. You think there is a chance of this ever happening?

Re: assign a nickname for bank accounts and credit cards?

OP question was asked four years ago and still no resolution? Come on PP, get with the times and improve user interaction with nicknames for each card. Even my local little credit union allows this on their accounts.

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Add name/tag to each credit card

Seriously PayPal... do this already.

Let me add a nickname or identifier to each card that I have added to my account. 

It is so simple and would help us all a whole lot.

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change bank name in account

My wife and I have a couple of accounts at the same bank, and both are tied to the PayPal account. They both appear with the same name, with the last 4 digits of the respective account numbers. It would be much easier for me to decide which account to transfer to if I could label them as we refer to them. I keep forgetting which last 4 digits belongs to which account. Is this possible?


I found things online which say how to do it, but they talk about clicking "Profile" at the top of the page. But I do not see "Profile" when I log in. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.


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Nicknames for credit cards

I have several visas that I use for different purposes.  Paypal only lists thte last 4 numbers which means each time i have to dig out the card ot be sure I am using the right one.  Is there any way of assigning a nickname to the card rather than just VISA ****1234?  I'd rather call it Amazon or Personal or Only use for Buying Soap or some other ridiculous name so that i can remember which card it is.  If not, Paypal should consider offering this option the way my bank does.l

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Re: Nicknames for credit cards




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Distinguish between 2 cards associated with the same Paypal account

Hi there ...

  • I have just added a second card to my Paypal account - so now my Paypal account has 2 cards associated with it.
  • Incidentally, the last 4 digits / numbers of both cards are the same! When shopping I am finding it impossible to tell which card is which (in the option to choose the card to affect a payment with, they both show up with the same last 4 numbers: e.g. XXXX 1234.  [Their expiry dates are different - but this information does not show when it comes to choosing the card to affect a payment with).
  • Is there a way by which I can identify or distinguish among the two cards - to know which card is which at the check-out shopping stage (in order to decide which card to pay with)?
  • Perhaps, from the Paypal settings page, can one give a 'name' to the cards, to be able to distinguish among them? ... or maybe have the cards' expiry dates also always show up when presented with the card selection stage during check-out - in order to tell the difference?


I thank you for your help!

Best wishes



Re: Distinguish between 2 cards associated with the same Paypal account

The oldest request for this feature is from 2011:

C'mon PayPal, you really should implement this.


Re: assign a nickname for bank accounts and credit cards?

+1 for this.  I just charged something to my personal card instead of my work one because I don't have the card numbers memorised.  And why should I have them memorised?  Surely the whole point of PayPal is that you don't need to have the card with you?  Isn't it?  Or am I missing something?


I really hate it when something as obvious as this isn't implemented by a big corporate.  And they offer no explanation as to why not, just feed us their PR **bleep**.