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applying for merchant rates

New Community Member

applying for merchant rates

I applied for the merchant rates on 23rd jan 2011. It says i will have a response in 3 days, it has now been 8 days.

Can someone look into this for me as we are eager to have the new rates for the beginning of the month.




Re: applying for merchant rates

Hey there live-codes,


Did you get this resolved?


If so let us know how you got on so anyone waiting on a response can read your advice.


If you haven’t yet got a response, do call customer service back about it.

New Community Member

Re: applying for merchant rates

We have applied for merchant rates on several occasions and although we receive an email saying we will receive a reply within the next three days we have never had any correspondance regarding merchant rates. Five times we have applied and consistantly meet the required flow of payments.


Re: applying for merchant rates

Hi KentecTraining,


It may be that the merchant rate has already been applied to your account. The standard rate for a domestic payment is 3.4% + £0.20. If anything lower than that is being applied on your payments you have been approved. 


You will see the fee charged in your transaction details. 


I hope this helps.Please update us as it may help other members. 




Re: applying for merchant rates

Hello. We have been trying to apply for merchant rates for months but when we click in the Apply option it just take us to the summary page. We first go to this page: and we are able to load this page without any problem. Then we click on “If you qualify for the merchant rate, apply now” at the bottom of the page, which is this link: but this one doesn’t load, it just redirect us to the main Summary page.



I have seen more people experiencing this problems, is there any solution for this? I can imagine why PayPal is not in a hurry to fix it since they are scamming us between 0.5 and 1.5% fee every day it pass by.


I have contacted PayPal message center and the only thing I receive are standards emails on how to get to the Apply to Merchant rates link (that I already know) but nothing about my problem (the link doesn't work and just take us to the main page).


Looking forward to hear from you guys.