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Withdraw limits(maybe) Plz help


Withdraw limits(maybe) Plz help

I am in U.S now, the situation is that four weeks ago, I received a 600 dollars from my friend, but I can not withdraw it, it always let me try again later.  So I go to complete my personal information, but the prof of address is still in process for four weeks.  Paypal requires me link my bank account, but when I filled in everything correctly, Paypal told me Paypal failed to make the link at this time.(100 percentage sure the information is correct).  For the SSN part, I am an international student so I do not have one.  Anyone Please help, I have sent 30 emails to Paypal customer service but nobody reply, and I called the customers service phone number, I waited in the line for one hour still no help!

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Re: Withdraw limits(maybe) Plz help

Have looked into getting an ITIN ?

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