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Why mobile only authentication.


Why mobile only authentication.

As per my original message.

Authentication process


Why ONLY A MOBILE ?. Why no option to have a code sent by email, or landline as they do have that option, but have decided not to allow it. It MUST be a mobile.

Clearly this is nothing to do with security, rather access to people personal lives. My landline and email have long been accepted by paypal, but at the time of its conception, few had a mobile beyond something basic and without internet access. Now ther vast majority use them. Few use a desktop, most use a mobile laptop or smart phone.

In the authentication page it 'make the attempt' to contact the landline, but as pointed out it must be a mobile number, so why have the call lindline there at all ?, is it to exacerbate, or frustrate and thus force the user to add something as personal now as the number of their smartphone



I managed to change my password for pp without logging into payal. So anyone with my email/password has full access to my PP account.

A verification via text on the mobile, well I can add that mobile number without logging  in, and I can buy a cheap mobile for a tenner. This then allows me FULL ACCESS to this pp account.

Paypal want my mobile number so they can send me things I likely dont want. As I saw when I did eventually find the solution, which was adding the mobile(without logging in to anything) I logged in this morning to find a message suggesting I should download their paypal app.

This is the entire reason for adding the mobile number.


So take note boys and girls and change your email password to something even the military cant break, because with that anyone can easily gain control of your paypal account, and any other banking that is linked to.

Some bloke from the far east, or wherever can make my account theirs, and despite my UK address, and linked UK phone number mean not a thing. All can be changed, and theres not a thing you can do about it as there is no way that can be picked up on.


Maybe this is a heads up for paypal, to take note of address changes on accounts, and to flag up when details move outwith the UK.

It would be prudent for PP to phone to confirm, using the long standing details of a landline, which is linked to the UK address and nowhere else, rather than to a mobile anyone can buy for a tenner and add to PP account details.


Sorry, I just see problems here. Im security conscious. I think ive already shown that the email details are more important to the account holders security than anything we have in Paypal.


Thanks all. Its been real.