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Why can't I link my bank account?

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Why can't I link my bank account?

I cannot link my bank account to paypal. It let me link the debit card for the account but not the account itself.

Why would this be? Any help much appreciated.

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Re: Why can't I link my bank account?



See if this link helps first.'t-i-link-a-bank-account-to-my-paypal-account-faq7...

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Re: Why can't I link my bank account?



I'm also having the same issue here. I have checked with my bank and they have said they haven't recieved any withdrawls or deposits from paypal. Make sure when you put the information in that your using your routing info and account info. Then check with your bank for the deposits.


This is not the only issue. Now paypal is out-right denying online tutoring transactions at random and is having a track-record of this now. I have a time-sensitive transaction now that won't go through because their system is blocking it. I have called to manually over-ride and was denied that from the rep on the phone with them only citing the vague security reason.


Next I have tried with a manager who has actually attempted to authorize the transaction but it still was denied. Paypal is basicually saying that they have no ability to whitelist transactions, yet they have the ability to black list.Banks can both white-list and black-list transactions and I find it VERY ridicolous that paypal cannot do the same, especially as a money merchant.  I have asked them to forward these issues to their technical department to look into it as this is a cripple issue that paypal will need to address if they want customers to continue to use their service.


This isn't the only online tutoring website paypal is randomly blocking. There are also other customers here on forums who have encountered the same issue with legitimate sources.


For the record I have made a one-time transaction with this merchant yesterday with paypal using prepaid visa giftcard. I go to make a transaction with the same merchant today using my balance, and is declined.


This is very much a setback as the transaction I have is time-sensitive. Now I don't know in the future if paypal will decline future payments with other vendors and I get the security-check lingo. Right now, paypal is an unrealiable source and at a very inconvient time.


I would have never deposited the money into my account had I known paypal would do this. I would have used a reloadable prepaid debit card, but now my own money is being held-up by paypal and I can't wait for the 3-5 day money-back-in-bank transaction period.