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Where's my item


Where's my item

I ordered an item back in June

It says pending (still) 

I know I had the money in my account

I ordered lots of stuff on paypal in the past

and it never took this long

I even emailed to person to see what's going on

3 times!! No response

Even used the message section, help and the resolution 

Have waited 3 different times using the message center. Nobody is getting back to me

New Community Member

Re: Where's my item

A pending transaction from June 24, It's just sitting there I go to the resolution center on PayPal it wants a case ID or transaction invoice name but since it's pending it doesn't seem to come up with anything so it's like in limbo is just sitting there inactivity very strange any ideas how to stop this. the other aspect to this is it the item it's from Hong Kong so I could be a problem right there.