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What is a compliance reason


What is a compliance reason

Recently I had a transaction reversed. Down to security was the reason. I checked my account and the transaction had been reversed - twice!

It had also been delivered. The mail made it look like eitehr myself or my supplier was a criminal. I objected by sending a letter asking why.  The result was "for compliance reasons". No further explanation was forthcoming and the case was closed prior to me being ble to read it.

This behavior is unacceptable, and I still dont know the true reason. The fact that the transaction was reveresed twice gives me the idea that Paypal had made an error and does not wish to admit it.

What is a "complience" reason and what do you think of this?


By the way - pale grey text on a pale grey background does not assist people to read this forum.

An error many companies make. Whats wrong with plain black on white?


Re: What is a compliance reason

Same here, cant recieve any transactions, with a fresh account. 
Agents said our account is fully unlocked, we cant pay out our partners.