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WHAt is wrong with this stupid service and constant asking for mobile number!!!!

New Community Member

WHAt is wrong with this stupid service and constant asking for mobile number!!!!

what the hell is wrong with this paypal!!!! i had an account for 10 years and since last month i have been trying to log into it but it keeps asking me to verify mobile number and doesnt allow me to change the number and even after wasting 2weeks and chatting to more than 10 agents and had calls with the so called supervisor who said that she cannot change my number because of an internal error and my only solution was just to create a new account with a new email (which i thought was not allowed on paypal to have 2 accounts) anyways i asked my cousin to open an account for me using his details and we used it and did a couple of purchases on ebay and just 30 mins ago i was logged in... so 5 mins ago i was logging in again and the same stupid request for mobile number shows up so i put the same number that is on the account and i have the app on my phone open infront of me to confirm im putting the correct number but it tells me that the number is wrong!!!!! and doesnt let me sign in!!!!!! how the **bleep** is this happening!!!!!!!!!!!!! and on the app where the account is open if i try to change the page to go to edit any information it will ask me to verify by adding the number and again if i type it it says its wrong.... i cant understand what the **bleep** is happening????? why does it say wrong and says the number enterned is not registered in your name while in fact it is already saved in my paypal under my **bleep**ing name!!!!!!!!!!! who the hell is the technical team designing this piece of **bleep**... now i have a small amount in this account around 3$ if im not mistaken and its gone and before in my old account i dont know exactly how much i lost but im sure there was some money in the account and noone is confirming for me how much and no one even appologized... it took me around 1 month of daily chats with agents and tried callling the call center over a million times and nobody responded and after i spoke to a so called supervisor over the phone last time after i caused an issue with a chat agent, she wasnt able to do anything and told me she will call back within 24 hours and guess what? she never **bleep**ing called and now no agents are available for chat and no body available on call and nobody **bleep**ing answers so please i want to ESCALADE this issue, what do you think you are to play with people's nerves like this... i had to go to the hospital 2 times in the last 2 weeks because my blood presure was rising and as soon i almost forgot about the issue of my account just now the same issue comes up with the nw account ....


I also wanted to raise complaints about all what is happening with me and there is no way to do so???/?

does this company thinkn its untouchable??? and the staff are all angels?/??