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Verification Issue


Verification Issue

Hello Everyone i have problem but then i don't know if its a problem. I tried to transfer money from my freelancer account to my PayPal account after i had linked my visa card to my PayPal account, but then freelancer is still telling me to do the required verification before they can transfer the money. I think i uave do all the needed verification including a 2 way verification. Please which other verification do i need to do on my PayPal account in order to transfer money from freelancer account to PayPal account? I need your help

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Re: Verification Issue

This is happening to me today as well - I’ve now seen this problem goes back to 2018 and I’m on Sky

The link to a different developer page login doesn’t work for me as it then asks for 2 step text code which never arrives - so you can’t switch off 2 step verification because to log in and do that require 2 step verification!! 
My second way to verify is an old landline phone that hasn’t been used in 2 years - could this be yet another overlooked Brexit issue?

Any ideas on how to resolve this anyone please?