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Upgrading my personnal account


Upgrading my personnal account


I need to upgrade my paypal account to business account, the issues is there's two kind : Business account individual and Business account sole proprietorship i don't know what i have to choose and what's the differents bewtween them. 


i'll be glad for your help.


Re: Upgrading my personnal account

HI Faridox,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the community! 


In general, the Business type that you have to choose when upgrading to a Business account would depend on how did you register your Business in your Country. If you are an individual selling on eBay, for example, or on another platform but you do not have a Company registered in your name, the correct type to choose would be 'Individual'. The Business type 'sole proprietorship' can be chosen if you have an actual company and refers to a person who owns that specific business.


I hope this helps!