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Updating name


Updating name

I have a problem with updating my real name. I created paypal account in 2017 using the "fake name", most likely it was my nickname on other platforms and I was called by my friends, who used my "fake name" at primary school. So I decided that I'll change my name using my goverment document identification card. I took a photo of it and both pictures (frontside and backside) uploaded. Then I click on "Send", It's still loading, then error occured and it says "Retry", but I'm trying all the time. Can someone help me, how can I change my nickname to my real name please ? Thanks for help and sorry for my eng.

Edit: I haven't link my financial account yet, so it's all about my paypal account and my fake name on it.
I sent an email to Paypal, but Al responses only. Here is what I wrote:

Hello, I would love to ask you about issue with updating my name. I created paypal account in 2017 and I used "fake name", which was also my nickname at primary school. I didnt linked my bank account yet so I have only paypal account with wrong name. My billing address and my phone number are right, just my name is wrong. I would like to change my name to my real name if it is possible. I can send you my goverment document, my Identification card (ID), with my photo, date of birth, address where I live or something else you need. I was trying to do it on my own, but after uploading pictures error occured and it says retry, but it didnt work anytime. Can you please help me and can you change my name to my real name please ? As I said, I can send you my documents. Thanks, (my name)


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Re: Updating name



Any documents you upload has to prove the name on your paypal account is your real name OR a document that shows you have legally changed it to that name.

As its a fake name then you can't change it and the account is useless to you.

Your best bet is to CLOSE that account and then open one in your legal name.


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