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Updated telephone numbers

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Updated telephone numbers

My account had two old telephone numbers which I updated. I then tried to add a new bank account and Paypal only recognizes one of the old phone numbers for confirmation code. Is this a glitch with the system?

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Re: Updated telephone numbers



it's not a Glitch they most likely want to make sure it's you. follow these steps for (United States Users)


#1 login to your account

#2 scroll all the way down & click on (Contact us)

#3 scroll all the way down again & click on (call us) you will see a (Phone Symbol)

#4 click on it you will get a (Confirmation code) you will call the (Customer service)

#5 type in the (code) you can tell the computer to put you on Que for call back.

#6 you will get a (LIVE AGENT) & be very detailed of what is going on.


they probably want you to call do all of this on a (COMPUTER!!) not on that stupid Phone<-->App

if you want better Results? do it on the computer & be on your account while you talk to the Agent.


Hope you got the right answers to your questions. make sure you also have given Paypal this


#1 Drivers License/ID

#2 SNN

#3 Utility Bill something with a proof of Address.


Prove your Identity with the Agent so the Agent can do his magic on his or her end to resolve your Phone number change issues.

Remember? don't commit Fraud!! LOL 😂