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Unrequested language change

New Community Member

Unrequested language change

Because my communications with Paypal have changed from English to Spanish (without my request or permission) and I do not read,write or speak Spanish I have been unable to login or otherwise communicate with PP.  Apparently I have **bleep** up my login inormation and thus any instructions to me (in Spanish) to correct the situation only leave me in a continuing confused state.


Re: Unrequested language change

Hi @dontrot,


I'm sorry to hear about the unexpected language change in your account. I suggest contacting customer support for assistance changing the language back, as well as looking at the account to see if there was any unauthorized access to the account. If there was, a representative can help get an investigation started to resolve any issues. You can reach customer support by Facebook, Twitter, or phone or email.


Once the language has been changed back, please make sure that you clear your browser's cookies and cache to make sure that you don't accidentally load a cached version or retain a cookie that causes the language to switch back.


I hope this helps!




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