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Unable to verify account on Ebay checkout


Unable to verify account on Ebay checkout

My PayPal is linked to my Ebay, so I don't even know why I have to verify to begin with, but I've been trying to contact customer support about this for a couple days and have yet to get a response to this particular problem.
On checkout when I choose to pay with PayPal, after signing in I'm asked to verify that it's me by receiving a text or call. No other options, and my phone number doesn't show up at all. I choose "Add a number", type in my number that's already linked to my PayPal, and get an error message saying they couldn't confirm that it's me, making it utterly impossible to purchase anything.
This isn't exclusive to Ebay either. I've had it happen to me twice just trying to sign in to their website and their mobile app. I'm pretty sure there's no workaround and I'll have to get support to fix this if I can ever get ahold of someone, but if anyone has any tips to get this working it would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Unable to verify account on Ebay checkout



Double check the contact number you have on your paypal account and make sure its correct and has been confirmed?

Also has to be a mobile and not landline phone.

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