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Two step authentication

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Two step authentication

Received money into my paypal account, old numbers on auto verification. Can’t use chat feature as need to be logged in, can’t raise a complaint as need to be logged in. Try call never receive a call back over the course of a week. This has now resulted in missed payments and you holding onto funds. Your complaints procedure is abismal as nowhere to do this unless you sign in! But guess what that’s the whole point! I’ve seen this raised many times with a generic answer put underneath. I have read your complaint and as far as my concerned it started with the first day you have refused to return my call. You have now seven days to respond to this or you have broken your complaints procedure and will be raising with the FCA Pity such a reputable company doesn’t give a monkeys toss about helping people!
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Re: Two step authentication



I would send that to customer services, nothing to do with anyone on here and you have not asked for any help from us.

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