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Two factor turned itself on?

New Community Member

Two factor turned itself on?

What the heck. I am trying to use PayPal today like I have for ten+ years and all of a sudden it's demanding A SMS code on an old telephone? Who turned on two factor authentication? Not me. Why was it turned on? Who knows. Does PayPal have a telephone number to call to get it sorted? Apparently not. I have been using eBay and PayPal together for more than ten years and all of a sudden I can't pay for my stuff. This is very annoying.


Re: Two factor turned itself on?

Hi @P-paal-is-bad,


I'm so sorry to hear this occurred. The PayPal Community Forum is an anonymous platform for PayPal members to speak to each other about their experiences while still keeping their account information private. Because accessing a PayPal account is a matter of security, this would be something you would need to speak with our customer service directly if you are still experiencing this. You can do this by following the Help & Contact link at the bottom of the page, and then select Contact Us on the following page. 


I hope this helps and thank you for joining the Community.



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