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Trouble receiving payments from buyers


Trouble receiving payments from buyers



I've recently come across a problem with receiving payments from a sale on eBay where the buyer would send me payment via an invoice and when I try to accept the payment, for some reason PayPal asks me to verify my account by linking my banking information. However, whenever I click on the link to verify said information, it navigates me to my Wallet page where I clearly have my bank account linked along with several other cards attached.

I don't feel the need to apply for the Mastercard being advertised and it feels strange that this problem has only now happened when I've been able to make transactions perfectly fine in the past. 


Re: Trouble receiving payments from buyers

Hello @MShimizu


Welcome to the PayPal Community! I understand how important it is to receive your eBay sales within your PayPal account. In order to receive these payments, you do need to have a verified account. The easiest way is to have a linked and confirmed bank account within your PayPal account. You can find that information on this process here. If you have a bank linked, but it is not confirmed, you can find the steps on how to complete that here


Hopefully that resolves this for you! 

- Callie