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Tracking number


Tracking number

Hi guys,


I clicked reply the email address looked suspicious <removed>


Just making sure this is not a spam.




Reports from database records shows that you have received a payment of $xxxx AUD, Verification of shipment tracking number is required to complete the PENDING transaction.

Therefore, you are mandated to ship the package as soon as possible and supply the Shipment Reference (Tracking Number/Bar Code, as appears on the shipment receipt). Your account is being monitored and the funds will be accessible in your account when the reference(s) are received. 

What you need to do:

  • Go to any Postal Office or Courier Service close to your home
  • Fill the form with the shipment details provided by the buyer
  • After the shipment is done, email to PayPal a scanned copy of the receipt by replying to this message and wait for the verification process according to PayPal security policy.

NOTE: Fund Would Not Be Cleared Until The Requested Info Is Provided.

Transaction Not Displayed?

         You might not be able to view the current status of the transaction in your PayPal account recent activities or access the funds in your account until the transaction is complete. All you have to do is to send the shipment tracking number/copy of scan receipt, and get back to us with the details.

What if I have questions?

 Kindly use your email Reply Button to message our customer service care and we will attend to you.

Thank you for being a PayPal customer.