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Stuck in the verification process

New Community Member

Stuck in the verification process


I've encountered the following problem.

We are a non profit group and opened a Paypal account a couple of years ago, to receive donations. Some days ago we got an email from Paypal saying that the amount of money on our account had reached a certain level so further verification is needed so that we can continue using our account. As the account was registered by the name of the organization, we couldn't provide any personal ID that matched the name of the organization.

Then we realized we could change to business type. So we started the process (changing our account from private to business) and on the way, at one point, we had to give the type of activity - non profit. In the next box, it requires key words for the activity. I tried to type in key words but it says it found no match, and I should choose from the dropdown. The problem is that there is no dropdown for that box. And without that, it doesn't allow me to continue. So I'm stuck now.

I tried it from another browser (Firefox instead of Chrome), with the same result. I sent email to Paypal but received only automated response that was useless to this problem.

Does anyone have any idea to solve it...?

Thank you in advance.


Re: Stuck in the verification process

Hi @Cchrhun


All PayPal accounts, including business, must have a legal first and last name for verification. This person would be responsible for the PayPal account. Here are instructions from our Help Center on how to request the proper name change. 


If your account is asking for additional verification, you may not be able to make certain actions with your PayPal account until that notification is resolved/removed. I hope this helps!


- Jae