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Stuck in a loop and PayPal won't help


Stuck in a loop and PayPal won't help

Somehow, Paypal has gotten it into their had that we  During a recent review, we noticed that registered your business trading name in the PayPal account as 'Ms.'.  

Clearly, this is some sort of autofill error.  We've been trying for THREE WEEKS to get this corrected. Over 3 hours on the phone, and EVERYONE assures us that they put the note in our file but then we get THE SAME email, over and over again.   


I'm at my wits end.  We are a nonprofit. I am a VOLUNTEER, TRYING TO DO GOOD IN MY COMMUNITY and paypal is sucking up all my volunteer hours on this RIDICULOUS issue.   So I'll call again in the morning. And I'll speak to the same person who will assure me that they will correct it and I will get yet another email.


SO INFURIATED that something this stupid is using up my hours. So please, paypal, go tell teachers and the firefighters that we serve that we can't serve them because paypal can't solve a simple proble in 3 weeks.   I've had 2 paypal accounts for years and I've never run into such inability to make any progress.