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Strange pop up in PayPal itself.


Strange pop up in PayPal itself.

2019-11-07 11.19.54.png

All of a sudden I've been getting this pop up appearing in the left/bottom of my account once I login or refresh the screen. It quickly disappears so I had to capture this pic quickly. I'm not sure what it means about 'invited accounts' and said linking of accounts? It seems suspect because it doesn't give you a chance to respond and if you look at the grammar. It reads: "Learn where to view and manage all linked accounts and where users with managements privileges can create and manage other users". To me this should be "" not "...managements...".

I have tried contacting PayPal but to no avail. Anyone else had this or know if it's legit but just badly done on the part of PayPal?

Thanks in advance.

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