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Strange SMS about a "suspicious" PayPal transaction?


Strange SMS about a "suspicious" PayPal transaction?

I've just made a purchase with PayPal, then moments later my friend received a mysterious text to her mobile phone containing details of the purchase.


The text doesn't say who it's from, but the implications seems to be that it's from PayPal, and PayPal do indeed have my friend's mobile number as I'd borrowed it in the past to contact them (I don't own a telephone myself).


The strange text  gave details of the purchase and ended with "marked as suspicious", then it said to reply with "1" to confirm the purchase is legitimate.


I find this text very troubling and perplexing. PayPal have never asked me if they could send me texts. If they need to contact me, why wouldn't they just email me, or display a message on my PayPal account? Plus, the purchase wasn't at all suspicious, and it isn't showing any "suspicious" flags on my PayPal account. And why would anyone want to spend money texting PayPal when they're an online company and we can just email them?

Does anyone know anything about this? And if it is from PayPal, is there a way to get them to remove this phone number from their system? I don't use telephones.