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Sorry, we couldn’t confirm it’s you


Sorry, we couldn’t confirm it’s you

This is a question that can drive me crazy, compared to Alipay, paypal is not good.I am a Canadian international student. The reason I use paypal is to pay online. Paypal forcibly requires mobile phone to verify (Excuse me, why can't I use my email, I also tied 2 emails. I don't worry about my account security, OK?) But I don't have a Canadian mobile phone number, paypal also Mobile numbers from other countries are not allowed (+86 186******** I am prompted every time I enter this number) Then paypal asks me to authenticate, I uploaded my passport or Chinese ID. But unsuccessful, the result is: Sorry, we couldn’t confirm it’s you. You just disgusting the users, paypal. I chose to use my China mobile phone number to call paypal's customer service number. Yes, it is China's mobile phone number. I spent 10dollars in order to ask customer service account questions (still unsolved, this smart customer service is no good). How did I end up? Solve the account problem and come to the paypal community to vent? I went to the DMM website and chose paypal payment. When I log in, I disconnected the VPN (IP address forced change), and then suddenly logged in.


Re: Sorry, we couldn’t confirm it’s you

Hi willamban,


I'm very sorry to hear about the trouble logging in and using PayPal abroad. If you're living in another country for an extended time, we advise opening an account in the country you're located. This requires a phone that's registered in that country to be attached, which we use to verify accounts. Regrettably, the information you're providing wouldn't resolve the problem itself; VPNs are an issue with our system as it changes the login location and causes a security risk. If you're using a Canadian PayPal account with a Canadian phone number, you shouldn't run into any issues when purchasing from within Canada. I hope this helps resolve the verification issue.


- Ashley M

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