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Should I continue using my personal account or upgrade to a business account.

New Community Member

Should I continue using my personal account or upgrade to a business account.

Hello and thank you for reading. 


Since high school I have been buying and reselling virtual goods on a video game called 'ROBLOX'. For a person of my age this has been a rather lucrative hobby/side hustle, but I am in no way an incorporated business, nor do I ever intend to become one. I have no 'employees' or people that help me that would be on a payroll of any sort. I send irregular payments from my account all of the time and until recently this has never been a problem, but as of recent my payments have begun pending whenever I send a payment to someone. This obviously has crippled the side hustle I have been doing for years and I am very upset about this. I work hard to try and make a profit from the game I used to love playing, and I make enough money from this game that it rivals my actual income from the job I work 35-40 hours a week at. I want my payments to STOP being put on hold and I thought maybe upgrading to a business account would solve this? Again I am not an incorporated business so I do not have a legal business name or address which is required when applying for a business account here on paypal. Would my legal name and home address be enough for this, or is there no hope of applying for a business account?  

Currently I use a personal paypal account and everything on the account is registered in Canada, however all of my transactions are done in USD. 


I have no idea how to proceed. Messaging support at paypal is useless and a waste of my time. I know they don't have any idea what they're doing as was clearly shown when both me and a user I had sent money to messaged them regarding why the payment was put on hold when both of buy and sell things through paypal. I just want to resolve this issue so I can continue producing income. I hope I have provided all of the necessary details for anyone who may be interested in helping me.