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Setting Up Account for Small Charity

New Community Member

Setting Up Account for Small Charity

Well - first time I have been on Forum and also first time I have rung telephone support today - I am not impressed!!


Although retired now, I have spent over 50 years in ICT and had many large support teams reporting to me  over those years, as well as development staff. My son is at present a Director of a company developing web applications - both front end and back office.  Both he and I are of the opinion that design of Paypal website is poor and what we have seen of support so far is quite frankly a joke!


I am trying to set up Paypal to take payments in for a small charity hiring rooms on a Community Hall. As many others on the forum have said, there is BUG on the website (and it is a BUG!). When I click on "Confirm your Charity Status" and then on the page entitled "Confirm your charity's PayPal account" click on "Confirm your Account" it goes to page entitled "Your Account Limits". As others have said, trying to get to the pages for entering charity details just takes me round in circles.


I will email these details to support but I am not too hopeful of any early answer.