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Send Money

New Community Member

Send Money

-Why I Cant send money over $100 I do not have limitation on my account.

- when sending money less than a $100; my checking account that is linked show at the bottom, but when i try to send more than $100 it ask me to link another account.

how to fix my account, so i can send more than $100


thank you for your help


Re: Send Money

Work around 1

Use the card issued by the bank such as a VISA or MasterCard with PayPal.


Work around 2

Ensure your bank has no limits, most banks limit the amount a client can spend per day. $1,000 cash withdraws, $1,000 daily limits etc.

Call into your bank and ask them if your account has a $100 limit and politely ask to have it increased to $500 or whatever it is you want.


Work around 3

Deposit from bank to your PayPal balance. This way you wont have to go thru your banks limits when purchasing online.