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**SERIOUS LOGIN ISSUE** Are these boards moderated by PayPal staff?

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**SERIOUS LOGIN ISSUE** Are these boards moderated by PayPal staff?

I haven't used my account in several years and am in a frustrating loop of being unable to gain access. When I signed it, I was prompted to reset my password for security reasons. I did so and was then asked to choose one of three options to verify my identity (a phone call, an email, or verification of my credit card number). I could tell by the prompts given that they had my old home phone number on file as well as an expired credit card. I no longer have access to either of these means of identification. I opted for the email option and was able to provide the verification code but then it asked me to choose another option as well. I couldn't find the customer service contact number on the website (it looks like they'll exhaust every possible option to prevent having to actually assist customers) but found it with a google search. After speaking with the voice assistant, I was sent a link to reset my password. When I logged in with the new password, I was again asked to verify my identity. This time the only option was for them to call me at the number that is no longer in service. I asked the voice assistant to patch me through to an agent and after ringing for a few minutes, a recording stated that they were unable to answer my question this way and that I was to go online and use the message feature. This won't work though because it requires me to log in and I can't do that without verifying my identity by phone. VERY FRUSTRATING! I doubt this is an issue that can be truly solved by other members of the community but as this seems to be my only option (the only method of help I could access without further verifying my identity), I am hoping that the board is moderated by PalPal staff who will reach out to help me ASAP.

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Re: **SERIOUS LOGIN ISSUE** Are these boards moderated by PayPal staff?



Seems like you are better off opening a new PayPal account since you haven't used the old one for several years and all the info in it outdated by now, no? The forums are moderated in general, however there's no telling when or if they will reach out directly to your account from encountering your post. 😞

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂