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Replacing Defunct Emails...


Replacing Defunct Emails...

Hello ppl, After picking my brain to arrive at the correct login info, I find myself at last back inside my old a/c after *years*. The first bit of maintenance is to tidy up (read remove) at least one defunct email. Then there's the presumably sticky matter of updating the primary email attached to this account. Can this be done? B/f I hear a resounding no on that last point, I want to highlight a stop-right-there prompt I received when I attempted to *add an active email address*: "We're sorry, you can't claim the money with this account because it's already linked with another user. Try asking your sender to send it to another email address if you have one." Points to note: I haven't requested payment from any sender. Second, the act of attempting to add 'another email address' invokes the above prompt, which in turn incites the dreaded loop of doom.

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Re: Replacing Defunct Emails...

I have a issue where my main email is being used on paypal by someone els and can't stop them