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Regain account access


Regain account access

Hi PayPal Community,


Ahead of everything else, I must say that I am extremely disappointed in PayPal's customer service.  None of the representatives (if you ever manage to get one on the line) takes initiative and actually aspires to solve your problem.  If the problem is slightly different from the regular issues they encounter multiple times per day, you will hit a roadblock. 


Long story short:  In 2014, I lived in Beijing for an internship and during that time I apparently created a "Chinese" Paypal account which I haven't used since then.  A friend of mine recently sent money to this account since the PayPal account in question was automatically linked to my Splitwise.  Hence, I want to regain access to the account but I can't answer the security questions, don't have access to the phone and don't know the credit card and bank information anymore.  I only have access to the e-mail address and know the phone number (plus I know every detail of the last transaction).  I have tried to seek help from the German/UK customer service but they won't be able to help since it's a "Chinese" account.  After weeks of digging, I managed to retrieve the Chinese customer service phone number but it always hangs up on me since it's apparently too busy (I called 7 times). 


Now I am in a situation where I can't reach the Chinese customer service and the German/UK customer service tells me it's not their problem and just cut me off in the chat.  This is extremely disappointing since PayPal essentially tells me, your money is gone.  What is fascinating is that last time when I was in overdraft with my second account, Paypal was very quick on chasing me multiple times that I would top up my the account.  However, if they have your money they don't show any willingness to help.  It's mind blowing that in today's world a company can treat their customers like this.


Does anyone have an idea of how I could regain access to my account?  My friend tried to reverse the wire but according to Paypal this is also not possible. 


Many thanks for your help in advance,