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Quality Assurance Software Tester found 3 glitches in PayPal system which is costing me money

New Community Member

Quality Assurance Software Tester found 3 glitches in PayPal system which is costing me money

Hi All,


Has anyone complained about these 3 things that I found that have been costing me money while selling on eBay?


#1 I notice that us as Sellers are being charged 2.9% paypal fee for the tax amount being collected that never even gets deposited into our accounts. I am not sure why PayPal charges us Sellers this fee for tax being collect for state Governments.


#2 Recently 2 Buyers of my items on eBay changed their minds & I gladly accepted their cancel requests  & issued a full refund. When checking that it went through correctly I noticed I lost 30 cents each time I did a full refund. For example if someone bought an item from me for $10 on ebay I would see the $10 minus paypal fee (2.9% & 30 cents) plus the tax that never factors into our balances. When I issue full refund I see the Buyer gets his $10 plus 30 cents additional back from my account ($10.30). I am not sure why paypal gives the extra 30 cents of my money back to the Buyer? If you do a lot of cancels this adds up quickly!


#3 As a Buyer I made a purchase that the Seller offered bulk discount meaning if you buy more items the price per item drops. I bought 3 items & paid $70.00 with free shipping. I checked paypal & saw the $70.00 plus 6.75% tax charged ($4.73). I was told by Seller she no longer had 3 items available but had 1 item left. I was told it cost $27.95 plus free shipping so she did a refund o[Removed. Phone #s not permitted]05 = $27.95 (1 item cost). When I checked paypal account I saw she gave me the $42.05 refund for the merchandise but Paypal never refunded me the tax difference (6.75% of the $42.05 refunded which should have been $2.85) You would think PayPal would return tax portion like for example if you buy 3 items at Walmart & you return 2 of the 3 you get back the item cost plus the tax that you paid for those items.


I would hope Paypal / eBay would address these obvious issues which are causing us users $$$