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Provide Information With Pay-Pal Business Account glitch


Provide Information With Pay-Pal Business Account glitch

Opened up business Pay-Pal for our magazine article business a couple months ago. It's solely run with a friend out of Australia as a side-hobby and isn't a registered business as we were told it isn't required. The ABN, bank account and name are filled in the pay-pal. Two problems:

Ever since we opened up the Pay-pal it always opens up onto a url ending with biz signup upgrade business info asking to confirm business information and doesn't allow us to update the info. Clicking continue doesn't do anything, we've tried on this on multiple browsers and devices. We could still use the pay-pal regardless though linked to joint account so figured it was some account glitch etc and it was functioning.

We have got a notification since telling to provide information about the account or problems etc. When trying to update it, it asks to confirm business information with an ACN etc. 
I've tried contacting pay-pal a few times through emails so now I'm going to try a call. I'm basically wondering what is the easiest steps to enable the account or switch to personal account as I need the account functioning tomorrow and don't want it suddenly cutting off money.

I'm obviously hopeless at this so if anybody has any tips for easy solutions, I would be very thankful!!

Re: Provide Information With Pay-Pal Business Account glitch

Hi @cultstyle,


I'm sorry to hear of the difficulty that you're having with your Business account. Are you typing into the browser, or following a link from an email? If you're following a link, it's possible that the email is a fake and you are not on the official PayPal website. You may be visiting a spoof site that is pretending to be PayPal. If it's a shortcut in your computer, I recommend running a virus scan to be on the safe side, to prevent any malicious programs that might be redirecting you.


Once you have run a virus scan and received the all-clear, please try typing into the browser address bar and logging in from there. If there are any requests for information, the messaging in your account will let you know.


I hope this helps!




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